Short Films


Following the death of her husband, Olivia feels the pain of loss and moving on in her darkest hour. 

Through the help of her counsellor, Olivia wishes to rebuild her life towards a brighter future with her daughter, Holly. But with an astronomical event expected, Olivia and the whole world turn elsewhere.

Written & Directed by James Parkes


Alan Waters is struggling. With financial difficulties and the recent death of his father, Alan's future is bleak. But when the enigmatic Mr. Coral visits Alan one fateful day, he makes an offer Alan can't refuse.

A contract. Upon signing, the holder is granted a lifetime of good fortune, allowing Alan and his partner, Lucy, to live a life they'd only dreamed of. The catch? In exchange, the holder's lifespan is reduced by half as payment.

Written & Directed by James Parkes


Ian arrives at Room 70. A smartly dressed, well-composed man answers. They've never met before, but Ian has no choice. Two lives; one gun. Threatened by his terminal illness, the cure will cost Ian his morality. But how far is he prepared to go to be with those he cares about? One of them has to die...But whose time is at an end?

Written & Directed by James Parkes