Last Eden - Out Now

At long last, after years of writing and months of anticipation, Last Eden is now available for purchase.

Last Eden is a thriller/mystery with science-fiction influences. The story follows Leon, son of the former Governor of Eden. After five years in exile, he returns to the city, hoping to uncover the mystery behind his parent's deaths. As he digs deeper, he uncovers a conspiracy that changes everything.

After losing his parents to a tragic accident, Leon runs from the city of Eden, abandoning his brother Alexander, and the future set out for him. Years later, Leon returns from exile in search for answers to learn what really happened on that day. His only lead lies within a fragile clue left behind at his home.
Struggling to cope with ghosts of the past and the guilt of lost time between brotherhood, fate unites him with a woman named Dawn who shares a parallel tragedy. 
They soon find themselves thrown into a fight for truth after discovering a conspiracy behind the deaths that threatens the very foundations of Eden.

I am extremely proud to finally share the story of Last Eden and hope you enjoy the journey of Leon and Dawn as much as I did writing it.