Contract - Coming Soon - Short Drama

Alan Waters is struggling. With a mundane job, lack of money, and the recent death of his father, Alan’s future is bleak. But when the enigmatic man going by the name, Mr. Coral visits Alan at his dingy apartment, he makes an offer Alan can’t refuse.

A contract. Upon signing, the holder is granted a lifetime of good fortune, ending their troubles permanently, and allowing Alan and his partner, Lucy, to live a life they’d only dreamed of. The catch? In exchange, the holder’s lifespan is reduced by half as payment.

It’s only when Alan gives into temptation, does he realise that those who live fast, die young, and that all good things must come to an end.

Following on from Convictions, Contract will be released later this year in 2013.

You can watch the predecessor, Convictions, below.