Last Eden Book Update Now Available

"Your time will come. A time where you realise the world isn't black and white. Where good and evil are not points on a compass but a complex web of grey."

It's been over a week since I released Last Eden. Thank you to everyone for their feedback and positive comments. This is one of my most personal projects. Having my writing available very much feels like my soul on display. And your encouragement gives me strength.

Today, there's an update that further polishes the book. The link below explains how to update your copy. I strongly recommend you do so if you've downloaded the book prior to today.

Last Eden can now be purchased exclusively on iBooks through the button below. Please note that if you download the book today, you will have the latest copy and won't require the update.

Last Eden Pushed Back Until 10 December

It comes with regret that Last Eden has been pushed back until 10 December. 

Previously scheduled for a 4 December release, Last Eden will now launch a week later.

The delay is to further polish and refine the book to make it the best it can be, and to deliver the high standard of quality that readers come to expect. 

Pre-Orders via iBooks will still be in effect until the new release date. Those who have pre-ordered will automatically receive Last Eden when it is made available on 10 December. 

I would like to apologise for the delay and would like to reassure you all that it will be worth the wait. 

If you have yet to pre-order Last Eden, you may do so using the following button.

After losing his parents to a tragic accident, Leon runs from the city of Eden, abandoning his brother Alexander, and the future set out for him. Years later, Leon returns in search for answers to learn what really happened on that day. His only lead lies within a fragile clue left behind at his home.

Struggling to cope with the ghosts of the past and the guilt of lost time between brotherhood, fate unites him with a woman named Dawn who shares a parallel tragedy.

They soon find themselves thrown into a fight for truth after discovering a conspiracy behind the deaths that threatens the very foundations of Eden.

Serial Novel Format Explained - Last Eden

It's been two weeks since the reveal of Last Eden, a serial novel that's been years  in the making. Since the unveiling, I've received several questions about Last Eden. Today, I'd like to talk a little more about the serial format.

Last Eden isn't a traditional novel - it's serialised. A serial is a work of fiction that is released in several instalments across a period of time. Last Eden will work in a similar fashion to a TV show where the narrative is ongoing and story is revealed gradually.

The idea of serialising the story is an artistic choice. Last Eden is a thriller, and delivering it as a serial emphasises the suspense of the story. In today's world, where eReaders are ubiquitous and our lives are busier than ever, the serial format provides an immersive way to get involved in the story of Last Eden; you'll be able to read in digestible instalments wherever and whenever.

To get the chapters our there efficiently, the book will be digital. I'm also exploring the possibility of the print format.

After twelve years Leon returns to the city of Eden in the search for answers on his dark past and the mysteries surrounding his parent's death. When he meets a woman named Dawn who shares a parallel tragedy, he finds himself thrown into a fight for truth. They soon discover not all is as it seems and the corruption of the past runs deep within the times of today. (Synopsis not final.)

Last Eden will be released this Winter. Further details will be released over the coming months.

Behind The Scenes Stills - Atlas

A couple of weeks ago, we finished filming the new short film, Atlas. The film follows a widowed mother, Olivia, coping with her loss and the weight it carries for both herself and her daughter.

See what we got up to in some of these stills from the set.

Atlas will be released online this Summer.

New Website Design

Welcome to the new-look website.

Simplicity and coherence are the focus on the redesign, and you'll notice the consistent appearance across all pages, and when viewed on different devices.

Because of the focus now on mobile, the website will fit to any screen size, including desktop, mobile and tablet.

As a portfolio to showcase my work, it made perfect sense to make the blog the front page of the website. The blog runs on a completely different platform, meaning I'll be posting more regularly and keeping everything up to date.

Feel free to take a look around. I'll be posting more updates on Atlas in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Contract Theatrical Poster

In the leadup to the release of Contract, here's the final poster for the short film.

There's a couple of things to look out for in the poster, hidden within the ink.

Contract will be premiered at Capture 13 in The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield on June 6, and will be available to watch online shortly after the event.

You can read more about Contract and the other shorts premiering at Capture 13 on the official blog for the event:

You can also follow me on Twitter for up-to-date news on Contract and other projects I'm currently working on.

Contract Poster

With only one month to go until the release of my new short film: Contract, here's the latest

poster to whet your appetite.

Alan Waters is struggling. With financial difficulties and the recent death of his father, Alan’s future is bleak. But when the enigmatic Mr. Coral visits Alan one fateful day, he makes an offer Alan can’t refuse.

A contract. Upon signing, the holder is granted a lifetime of good fortune, allowing Alan and his partner, Lucy, to live a life they’d only dreamed of. The catch? In exchange, the holder’s lifespan is reduced by half as payment.

Contract will be released this Summer. You can follow me on Twitter for up-to-date news about Contract and other short films I’m working on.